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Well, this new website's starting to get a bit long in the tooth if you ask me. Not quite brand spanking new, is it. But it'll have to do for now 'cos I've more important things to do than revise websites. Got to make sure the new baby doesn't push me further down the family hierarchy. That's what. BUT THE BIG NEWS is I've pestered my man to update my Westonbirt video adventures!

So click on Big Day Out to see what you think.

Personally, I think Lassie'd better watch out. I can out-run, out-manoeuvre, out-think, out-wit and out-chew him any day. AND I've got the required star quality.

Or so they keep telling me.

And I believe them. Don't  you?

So keep getting woken in the night. It's 'orrible and the yells penetrate right to the centre of the skull, then reverberate for 5 minutes. Still, Mum and Dad seem to enjoy it. Well they're up and feeding and changing at the slightest whimper. Don't know how they do it. More in reserve than me. All I can manage is a bit of diary and photoalbum updating, and even that wears me out. Perhaps I should do it in the middle of the night!

me concentrating hard on website design

So I started thinking of what I could put in the old diary. Then there was this


in front of me. It nearly stopped me being serious but I recovered. Turns out to be a photo. So here it is. Me, concentrating hard on diary entries.

Did you know I've had a Big Day Out? I still think about it. Still moan gently in the night when I dream about ducks. That's 'cos I can remember the smell.

BEEN THERE AGAIN in May 2001, this time with mum and dad. It's just like I remember it, but they wouldn't let me in without a lead (foot & mouth), and I wanted to run about. So we went somewhere else! That'll show 'em.

Still show Sprocket (my neighbouring dog) the photos. I've noticed Sprocket trying to avoid me recently. Do you think it's something to do with the photos? OK, he's seen them every day for a fortnight, so he might start to remember some of them soon ... ... on the ball is Sprocket. (You can see my photos too by looking at my Photo Album.)

Also, been to Uley - again! Mum and Dad (and baby ....) went off for a long weekend. Without me! They said dogs weren't allowed. Can't argue with that but don't they know I'm not a dog? I'm an honorary human. Thought everyone knew that. Can't think what to put here. So I'll put nothing. When yer've got yer own website, yer can pick and choose.

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