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There's life to be lived. Swimming to be swum. Sleeping to be slept. Snoring to be snored ......

And MONEY to be made!

And spent. (Did someone say 'Fritter'? Yes please. Not too greasy though - digestion's playing up a bit at the moment. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes ...)


So, what's a dog gotta do, that a dog's gotta do?

Well, sniff for one. Which brings me to all my new interests. There's

Chocolate (again - well, hey, what did you expect?)
NOT fish (how many more times, eh?)
The penultimate might need some explanation. It did for me when I first ended up there.
Uley's a small village in a slightly bigger valley, in a County the size of, well, the size of Gloucestershire, near England.

Actually it's exactly the size of Gloucestershire 'cos it's IN Gloucestershire. That's where my Granny lives. I have lots of adventures when Mum and Dad go on holiday. So when the car drives into Uley, I smell the smells, see the road, recognise the house, and jump up at the Granny for ever and ever and get so excited I'm nearly sick. So see for yourself on the Uley page.


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