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I think I'm going to stick my photos in here. Well I might. If it's humanly (er ... doggily ?!?) possible. But haven't got many yet. So watch this space. Sorry, not this space, those underneath!
uley woods This is the woods in Uley, where I go on my holidays. The smells are terrific. And they let me run and explore. What more can a dog want? Well apart from warmth, and food, oh and chocolate.

They throw sticks for me too. Can't understand why they get a bit upset if I chew them to pieces instead of letting them throw them again. Humans, I arsk yer.

old crown uley This is one of the many places where I have slept under the table. They call it 'The Old Crown' and it's in Uley too. Don't know why they go there really. It seems to be one long drink-it-down and cock-your-leg to me. Still, it gets 'em out of the house - and me.

local beer mat

This is one of their paper plates. I find 'em all the time. Funnily enough, they don't often put food on 'em. Pity that, otherwise I'd be more interested.
guess who? Guess who this is? Well if yer don't know, I'm not going to tell yer. 'Is it my lovely Mum?' I hear you ask. Might be, who wants to know?
granny & pink ring This is me pretending not to know what granny's up to - she's trying to fool me with the pink ring again. 'Let's fool passing dogs with the pink ring shall we?' I'm not stupid yer know.
dad & foot This is my dad NOT trying to fool me with the pink ring. I'm trying to fool him that I don't know that he's trying it on with his foot!
things I do for them And this is me letting granny tickle my tummy. She enjoys it so much, I hardly dare say no!
bliss (& for me) And this is my mum giving me the periodic re-assurance that I need. Oh and it's really relaxing too. Don't they just spoil me?
my uley garden You can read about this in my diary. I thought I'd spread myself across the two new features to show ownership.
uley pagoda And this is where they think they're going to get away from me. Pathetic aren't they, humans. Anyone knows you can NEVER get away from a dog like me! Besides, who would want to?
me with stick (no carrot tho') Me again, looking exceedingly intelligent while giving a handy stick the usual going-over. I really want them to throw it for me but even if they offer, I can't bear to stop chewing. Must be in the genes. (See, I am intelligent, otherwise I'd have made a weedy joke about jeans there!)
Master asleep? A dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do. What? Protect him, of course. Not easy when you can hear the rustle of biscuit wrappers in the kitchen and the chink of someone licking the chocolate muffin mix bowl!

Actually come to think of it, it's also worth having a look here for some superb pictures of my mum thrown together in an idle moment by my Grandpa (who I love to bits!) (More recently, there's a lot of other pictures there too - I know there's something going on but can't quite put my paw on it.)


This is me trying to work out what's going on. They're even letting me onto the sofa now, so I must be doing something right!
Finally got it! There's a new small human arrived. Got to take care of that as well as all the large ones I s'pose. Still, I'll be able to sneak some of its food later - they tell me it gets dropped or flung around a bit. Sounds OK that. Can't wait.
Moved house. Left visiting card every centimetre along boundary. Eaten some fox poo. And NOW they've got me building their new kitchen for them. Oh for a bit of peace. Still, I'm doing rather a good job with the kitchen, aren't I?

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