About ME    

They call me Murphy. Don't know why. Maybe they saw it on a can in the bin. Or I could be named after some Law or other. Actually, I do look sort of litigious sometimes. Anyway, looks like I'm saddled with it. Not a bad name I suppose .....  all things considered.

me looking litigious

This is me looking litigious.

 (Ah, now I see why they call me Ol' Blue Eyes. It's like humans and redeye, but shows I have noble blood!)

Here's some information about me:






Many of these show in the photo, don't they?


Oh and I'm not that keen on fish.

a full set of teeth
a full set of legs
paws can run, so can nose
nose can smell, so can paws
I'm a rescue dog (more than once)! & proud of it
beady eyes can spot MaltesersTM at 500metres