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We can all dream can't we. Well I dream of :
Chocolate (Maltesers are quite a good example, but anything'll do)
Swimming. Anywhere'll do but quite like it on holiday in Cornwall, especially when it's warm (which seldom happens in Cornwall actually.) (PS: Hope no-one from Cornwall visits my site.)
Going  to Uley and chasing round the garden, and jumping up at my Gran (why does she like it when Grandpa hates it?)
Wafcol (a superb and nourishing vegetarian food for dogs - they say) with EXTRA vegetarian gravy. Only get this in Uley. Y'can see why I like going.
Sprocket - he's the dog next door - actually asking to look at my photos.
Sorry, I drifted off there - thinking of chocolate again ......
Winning the lottery, so I can have all the little luxuries a dog dreams of, and also pay my mum and dad back for rescuing me ....
you ought to see the tears running down your face !!! 


Tonight's lottery draw:

1   5   16  18  23  31   The machine was Fido and the balls were ... pretty well chewed. So no winners there then.

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