ULEY, Gateway to the Cotswolds and hence Unlimited Pleasure
This is where my Mum was born and where my Granny and Grandad hang out, and where I dash out of the car and run round and round the garden just to check if I left anything behind last time I was here. (They all think it's out of sheer joy - and who am I to disillusion them?)

uley village

side garden This is the side garden, leading to the back garden. If you look very carefully, you can see the skid marks I leave when I just have to race round to the back every time I visit. I need to look to see if I left any toys last time and also to check that it's all the same. It never is - it's BETTER!
This is the back garden, where I hide my ball and leave all my sticks about, so they go on at me about their mower and how easy it is to break. Sometimes I leave other things too .... Good job they don't use a fan!!

back garden

uley from bury, left uley from bury, right
This is Uley from a different angle ( two angles in fact - can you see the join?) and it quite tired me out to get there - the camera was heavy too. 'Did somebody say he was tired?' said Granny? 'Thank Dog for that.'
Oh and this is my Granny - she gives me snacks! So I'm obviously devoted to her! No choice, have I?

She likes exactly the same food as me only more of it. But she hasn't learnt to run after sticks yet .... does it show?



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