Summer 1999    


This is me on holiday in the Summer of 1999. Well not exactly in the Summer. More like in the field.  

eclipse time

Had a great time running and walking and standing still ... oh and sometimes jumping up. Rather a lot of jumping up actually. Maybe too much. Anyway, did some swimming, then did some more swimming. Got overexcited (again) and got told off - a bit - but it were worth it. Made some odd noises in the night and got a bit told off again.  
Eclipse were rubbish. (Perhaps it'll be better next year.) They told me not to look at the sun without this big round thing in front of my eyes. It had a sort of grass-coloured film in it (you can see it in the photo) and when you held it up to the sun you couldn't see through it. Kept trying but in the end decided it were better if you chewed it. So, had a really good time (and some chocolate). Perhaps it'll be just as good next year!

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