(as in Male/Female of course ..)  
Did somebody mention dangly bits? That's a sore point (pardon the pun).
Well BASICALLY, I'm male with a bit (or two?) chopped off - or so the do say.

But they've been wrong before, you know.

It's actually quite difficult to find out what's really happened when the bits you're looking for aren't actually there! I've tried inspecting the general area on other examples (eg. Sprocket - my mate from up the drive) but it's a bit difficult to see, what with all that hair - oh and it's dark in there too. Tried licking, but it doesn't help. Get lots of disapproving stares. Oh and once, a bucket of cold water was involved. Somehow, never forgotten that.
submissive or what?

This is me being totally submissive, as is my wont. Seemed a pertinent photo to include here, somehow.

  My mum says she'll show it to my girl friend (if I ever get one).

 Don't they always let you down.


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