My Sofa    


At home, there's this sofa. It gets more comfortable by the minute, when I'm in the room. My Gran lies full length on it NEARLY ALL THE TIME.  I really really want to get on that sofa. Even when I'm not in the room - maybe thinking about chocolate or something, the chocolate IS ALWAYS ON THE SOFA!

Although it's MY sofa, I'm not allowed to get on it. especially when no-one else is on it. Anyway, one day, I got on it  - to dream of chocolate or something - and I heard the sound of someone creeping up on me. Then there was this F L A S H !

me caught on the sofa

Ol' Blue Eyes again. Didn't even give me chance to close 'em.  So, I was caught on the sofa. MY sofa. (Actually, I've heard that humans sometimes get caught on the sofa too, but didn't really understand it.)

Prefer it if Granny's here, lying on the sofa. I go up to her and stare into her eyes. She knows what's going on, but it seems to take ages before she does anything about it. I've learned that, as long as you don't blink first, she eventually asks you on to the sofa with her.

She's always surprised that I'm on and settled down in one swift movement, before she's got the first word out. Honestly, doesn't she know I can read her mind??

No hope for humans, is there.

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